Tip of the day # 8  

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So, you think you sound great? Well, you just might =) But just to be sure, record yourself.
I once heard a quote that went like this: "Recording is life's way of telling you that you suck." :P

So when you want to improve your playing, record yourself. If you are a beginner, you might have some unpleasant surprises but you'll improve. Strum some chords with some hand patterns. If you are more advanced and you already mastered some chords, try improvising on a backtrack. Then you'll hear how you sound.

Tip of the day # 7  

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Take breaks.

You're with the band, practicing. You work and work and then you get tired. If you're like me, you think "Dude, we gotta keep practicing! Go Go!". This is ok, but the problem is that after a while, you get tired.

If you see the band is getting tired, stop for a few minutes, have a drink, watch a movie or have a drink. What we do is, when he are having a break, we just lie down on the floor of the rehearsal room, between all the cigarette buds and the empty vodka bottles and we watch an episode of " South Park" or whatever. We start telling jokes 'n stuff. Then after like a half an hour, we get up and continue practicing.

That's the spirit!

Tip of the day # 6  

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Experiment with different effects. Go to your local store or visit some online ones and check out some pedals or some multi-effect processors.

Tip of the day # 5  

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Practice clean and loud. That's right. At least in the beginning, when you need to learn how each notes sound like (don't worry, you won't actually have to learn em. they'll stick after some time). By practicing with a clean sound (no distortion, wah-wah, etc), you develop your ear. That way you'll become a better musician. Start adding effects later on.

If you wanna do a practice jam, of course you can use effects but if you practice scales and chords, use clean.

Play it loud. Because if you practice hard enough, odds are you'll be in a band and you're gonna play live. That means loud music. Get your ears accomodated with loud music (if it's not already after all those years of listening to music :P)

Hope I'll hear from you guys. Some comments would be nice :)

Impressions on the new theme  

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What do you guys think about this new theme? :D

The blog will suffer some changes  

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I've changed the blog's look several times today and I'm still not happy. So I'm trying this new one, wich should hit the spot :)

Tip of the day # 4  

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Clean your strings after you are done playing. Just take a dry napkin or something and run it over the strings. When you play, moisture gets on the string, from your skin. That make the strings go rusty faster and will shorten their life. And usually when a string breaks, you are playing live :) Try to avoid that.