Basic Chord Progressions  

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If you already know some basic chords, it's very possible you've tried to write some basic songs.

If that is the case, I'll show you some basic chord progressions.
Now, before I start, I'll tell you this: Lyrics don't show you what chords to use, and chords don't tell you what lyrics to use.

Now, on to the progressions: (you can play with the strumming)

Some Basic Progressions:
1) C - F - C - F
2) G - D - C (famous "Knocking on heaven's door" Progression)

Some Folk Progressions:
1) C - G7 - C - G7
2) C - C - G7 - G7

Some Blues Progressions:
1) C - F - C - C ( I - IV - I - I)
2) F - F - C - C (IV - IV - I - I)
3) G - F - C - G (V-IV-I-V)
4) C7 - C7 - C7 - C7
5) F7 - F7 - C7 - C7
6) G7 - F7 - C7 - G7

Hope the lesson was useful. Keep on rocking! I'll come with a lesson at some point that explains how to build your own progressions and how to transpose these ones for example into other keys.

I'm back  

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Hey guys, I know I was gone for some time :)

I've been working with my band and got distracted. Posting should resume in a few days :D