Surprise coming up  

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I've got something for you guys/gals. It's going to be done in a few days (I hope) and I think you're gonna like it.

Warming up - some more tips  

Posted by Guitar Player

I can't stress this enough. Warm up!
Why? Here's the logic behind this. By the way, this applies to a lot of instruments.

If your fingers/hands are warmed up, blood flow will be better, which enhances your playing. How many times did you pick up your instrument, and just started playing.

Did you start feeling some pain in fingers/arms? Did you play really bad? Were your fingers like stuck? That's because you didn't warm up.

Here's an older article of mine on stretching and warming up:

Play some slow exercises for a few minutes. Play some simple chords. Do some stretching exercises on the guitar. Massage the areas of your body where you feel tense.

Cya soon!