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I've made a new blog. It contains videos from youtube with the best songs ever written (in my opinion). If you want to hear some songs, take a look at the blog.

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Request Lessons  

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Hey there. I'm interested in the things YOU want to learn. I can post chords or tips or whatever but usually they don't match YOUR needs. So let's do it like this. Do you have a question? You want to see an article written about what you want to learn? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to write a lesson. I'll even include your name and a link to your website or blog ;) Just so people know who requested the article. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you  

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Thank you guys and gals. Mostly gals :D

This is the 50th post and our website counter has exceeded 21k+ hits. This wouldn't of been possible without you. Thank you :)


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The thing when you strum is that you need to have your hand loose. The pick should be also flexible. It gives you a cool sound. Always have your hands relaxed. If you pick, use rigid picks. If you strum, use flexible picks.

From rehearsal  

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It's really interesting. It's one of those momens when you really feel like a band. Alex, the rythm guitar player came in and laid down a riff. We started puttin pieces together, Claudiu came with some cool drum parts, I put the solo, and in 2-3 hours we had the song pretty much done.

The next day, I came with a metal riff, we started working on some parts and half of the song was done in like under 30 minutes. I guess it's really that simple when your band mates are good frends of yours. We connect and the creative juices flow.

I'll keep you updated on our band and as soon as we have a myspace account with some demos, I'll juice ya' up.


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How's it going with you all? I hope It's good.

It's been going great for me and the band. We tried to get a gig at a bar in our home town (very little town) but we didn't manage to. Even so, we did meet some people and in 1-2 weeks we are going to meet a bar owner in a bigger city, next to ours. Some gigs there would rock :D

I'll be busy for some time now. We're working on our show-list but I'll make time to post on the blog too. Until then, cya.