Tip of the day # 3  

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Always have your guitar in tune. No matter if you are practicing in your living room, with a band, or whatever, always have a tuner at hand. Especially when you are learning guitar. It's important that you memorise the sounds properly.

Keep a tuner with you, when you feel that your guitar is out of tune, check it. You just might be right. Even so, check it every 10 mins or so. Especially if you do alot of bends.

Tip of the day # 2  

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Forcing it.

What do I mean by that. Well, some people, like me, when they are angry or frustrated, they play guitar. The sound of the guitar just cools me off.

On the other hand, some people, if they are mad and they pick-up the guitar, they can't play well since their mind is on other things. That makes them very frustrated and they stop playing after a minute or two.

Waht I'm trying to say here is: don't force it. If you really don't feel like playing guitar, then, don't. I know people that play like robots. They have an exact schedule when they play. Wich is not bad. But sometimes they play when they really don't want to. And that could be fine too. But then they get mad. They start punishing the guitar. They hit the strings hard, stuff like that.

Next time when you are mad or frustrated, try playing the guitar. If it chills you out, it's good. If it doesn't, just take a break and play when you calm down

Think about it.

Today's Recommendation #1  

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This is what i recommend today:

Have a peek on the left  

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As I said in the earlier post, I started posting items from Amazon.com related to music. I have posted a link to Slash's biography "Slash by Slash", a link to Guns n' Roses' first album "Appetite for Destruction" and 2 links to 2 different T-Shirts. You might of guesses by now that I'm a GnR fan :)

I will update the bar onthe left form time to time and I will post links to posts from now on. I'll try to make the links post-relevant. Meaning that the items that will be shown will be related to the article.

If you like my blog, support what I'm doing here and get some of the items.


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From now on, I will start posting links to certain items on Amazon.com
I will recommend you books, CDs, albums, guitars, accesories, etc.

Support the blog by buying from my links.
I hope you'll like it :)

Tip of the day # 1  

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While playing guitar, keep your elbows close to your body. The closer they are to your body, the more you can extend your fingers. The more space you can leave between them. Try it. Keep your elbow close, then get it a bit further. See what happens :)

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Some people asked me to do a post on this one :)

Here's a populat highschool myth: If you play guitar, chicks will digg you.
... this can be true in most cases =)
It can bring you some unwated attention tho ;)

Here's a common problem. You're unpopular. Wich is totally fine. Some people say that, in order to be successful in life, you need to be unpopular in highschool... And I tend to agree. How does that work... well.

If you are popular, you tend to stick to some rules. Don't do this and don't to that in order not to appear "uncool". Slash said that in highschool, he was viewed as the "always new and weird kid"
He was considered uncool because he sticked with what he believed in. He didn't switch clothing styles, he didnt change his way of thinking, of acting, of talking. He did what he felt what's right.

So what am i saying basically:

1) Stick to what YOU believe is true
2) Never follow trends / fads
3) Never humiliate yourself in order to please the popular students (NEVER)
4) Never listen to what other people think about you. They might say you are weird, that they can't understand why you dress a certain way, or act a certain way. If they don't like who you are, it's their problem.
5) Never start playing guitar for a girl

Related to point 5 , never start paying guitar for a girl. Beacuse this can go multiple ways. You could get the girl, then you'll stop playing guitar, because you got her. You could not get her, and you could stop playing guitar because you get frustrated. Either way, it goes bad.

Play guitar because you like the sound of it,because you love the magic. Girls are just a bonus.

6) Never show off

If someone sais "dude, you can't play guitar" don't try to prove him wrong. He could play guitar better than you. Even if he has no idea how to play guitar, you still get off as the guy who got played easily.

7) If you want a social circle, go out with people that share the same interests. They can be popular, unpopular, who cares. All it matters is that you have a great time!

That should be about it. If you have questions, any ideas, or anything, just leave a comment and I'll make a new post, just for you :)

Let's talk about sound  

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Some people say "Dude, the gitah' is just a piece of wood." No, it's not. The sound of a piece of music can differ from one situation to another. I'll give you an example.

Imagine this:

You have 2 identical studios. Same equipment, same room size, the amps and mics are put in the exact same spots, measured by the millimeter. The same guitarist plays the same piece of music, the exact same way, in the same amp. You would say "hey, the piece of music should sound the same."

Well, you just might be wrong. There are some factors that could contribute to the piece of music sounding different. It's the room temperature and the air humidity. Yep, it can influence the sound.

Here's a real life example. Slash, in his biography "Slash by Slash" said that, when he recorded his guitar parts for Appetite he spawned through several rented amps. He tried them until he found one that had a perfect tone. It was a modified amp. He recorded his parts, and reported the amp stolen, so he could keep it. A roadie found it and returned it to the firm.

Alot of people (including Slash) tried to get that sound again. As far as I know, they didn't manage to. The conditions in the room were unique. The room had an unique size, a ecrtain air humidity, a certain temperature, the amp and mic were placed in a certain spot, etc. That's how important it is.

Think about it.

Importance of being relaxed  

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... while playing of course. I was jamming with the band earlier today, and we were working on a song. We were having problems. We were over-concentrated. Trying to find certain parts and certain riffs for the song. Suddenly, the lead singer started cracking some jokes, then after a while, we all relaxed, started saying jokes and laughing. Suddenly, our hands started "running" on the fretboards and we started getting some ideas. At the end of the day, we found an intro for the song, a bridge and vocals over the bridge. Plus a second bridge.

I sat down and remembered that this happened a few times in the past also. Just think about it.