Tip of the day # 5  

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Practice clean and loud. That's right. At least in the beginning, when you need to learn how each notes sound like (don't worry, you won't actually have to learn em. they'll stick after some time). By practicing with a clean sound (no distortion, wah-wah, etc), you develop your ear. That way you'll become a better musician. Start adding effects later on.

If you wanna do a practice jam, of course you can use effects but if you practice scales and chords, use clean.

Play it loud. Because if you practice hard enough, odds are you'll be in a band and you're gonna play live. That means loud music. Get your ears accomodated with loud music (if it's not already after all those years of listening to music :P)

Hope I'll hear from you guys. Some comments would be nice :)


thanks for the advice :D

sweet :D

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