Basic Chord Progressions  

Posted by Guitar Player

If you already know some basic chords, it's very possible you've tried to write some basic songs.

If that is the case, I'll show you some basic chord progressions.
Now, before I start, I'll tell you this: Lyrics don't show you what chords to use, and chords don't tell you what lyrics to use.

Now, on to the progressions: (you can play with the strumming)

Some Basic Progressions:
1) C - F - C - F
2) G - D - C (famous "Knocking on heaven's door" Progression)

Some Folk Progressions:
1) C - G7 - C - G7
2) C - C - G7 - G7

Some Blues Progressions:
1) C - F - C - C ( I - IV - I - I)
2) F - F - C - C (IV - IV - I - I)
3) G - F - C - G (V-IV-I-V)
4) C7 - C7 - C7 - C7
5) F7 - F7 - C7 - C7
6) G7 - F7 - C7 - G7

Hope the lesson was useful. Keep on rocking! I'll come with a lesson at some point that explains how to build your own progressions and how to transpose these ones for example into other keys.


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