Warm Up Exercises  

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In the past I've given some tips on warming up. Now I am going to give you some exercises that you can play to warm up.

Now, before we begin, why should you warm up before you play the guitar?

Well, first of all you can injure yourself. If that doesn't determine you to warm up, then think of it as this: If you don't warm up, you won't be at your best when you play. You performance could as well be as 50% without a warm up.

Or think of it as this: The best guitarists in the world warm up before a practice session, a concert or a recording session. All of them. They probably have a good reason for it :)

Ok enough with the blabber. Let's get to the exercises:

Exercise 1:

Some scales. I would advice you use a metronome. I will say it again. Use a metronome. And agai... never mind :)

When you want to play any instrument, you need to be able to play to a beat. If you can't keep a bit by tapping your foot, nodding your head or follow the beat of the drum machine, metronome, etc, you won't get very far.

Now, back to the point. Do some scales, VERY SLOWLY. If you want to be able to play fast, you have to start slowly. Like do scales, at 60bmp, one note per beat for a min or two. After a minute or two, you can get a little faster. Remember this is only the warm up. Just keep it slow for the first minutes.

Here's an example of a scale:

Of couse this is not the only scale you are limited to. You can even do some chromatic scales (1-2-3-4) but by doing these scales, you practice 3 things at once:

1) You warm up
2) You practice your scale shapes
2) You gain dexterity by moving your finger within certain patterns

Exercise 2:

Now, it starts to get more exciting. You can start doing fragments of scales now. Do them alone, connected, your choice. Let me give you some examples.

I hope this was helpful. Have a nice practice session :)



You're right, warming up is very important!

Sometimes, though, it can be good to warm up with an easy song, or something musical- rather than just "scale fragments" and exercises.

Thank you for these warm up. I used them to warm up before playing my more complicated pieces and i noticed an dramatic improvement in my performance :)

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this is pretty good stuff, i especially like using the fragments of solos. another good one is to play a major 7 arpeggio with a root on the 5th string up and down the neck, i find it's more challenging but as far as warming up goes it's probably at the same level.

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