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Always have your guitar in tune. No matter if you are practicing in your living room, with a band, or whatever, always have a tuner at hand. Especially when you are learning guitar. It's important that you memorise the sounds properly.

Keep a tuner with you, when you feel that your guitar is out of tune, check it. You just might be right. Even so, check it every 10 mins or so. Especially if you do alot of bends.


nice tips :D

yeah really cool

sweet ^^

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where do i get a tuner?

hello!!!i love guitar!!kisses for you!

hei, interesting and it s the same for violonists. I was thinking maybe to start a blog Learning how to play the violine, but I really don t know who would be interested in learning gipsy and traditional music;))

Well, you could try :D If you want to start the blog, tell me and we'll do a link exchange :)

Thanks for your visit.
I played piano a long time ago.
See you...


Well .... Always Having A Guitar in tune isnt a great idea ... i had read somewhere that the if we keep the strings tight( that is , in tune ) , it creates a lot of tension in the string and the string may break especially in winters ..... so IF YOU Are NOT IN TOUCH WITH YOUR GUITAR or ARE THINKING NOT TO PLAY IT FOR SOme Months .. its better to loosen the strings a bit ...

true :D

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