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Posted by Guitar Player

As I said in the earlier post, I started posting items from Amazon.com related to music. I have posted a link to Slash's biography "Slash by Slash", a link to Guns n' Roses' first album "Appetite for Destruction" and 2 links to 2 different T-Shirts. You might of guesses by now that I'm a GnR fan :)

I will update the bar onthe left form time to time and I will post links to posts from now on. I'll try to make the links post-relevant. Meaning that the items that will be shown will be related to the article.

If you like my blog, support what I'm doing here and get some of the items.


Sweet! I can't wait to buy those posters!

That CD is mine! ^^

I'll buy the book :D

ill get the book also!

nice price for the book! i'll get the 2 t-shirts, the CD and the book also! I might get a poster too :D

I want the T-Shirts and the posters! :D

I want the all! Keep posting stuff ^^

I always wondered wether to buy the book or not. but, since u recommended it, sure. i'll buy it! ^^

nice work! keep up with the recommended items!

i love it! cool

very nice idea!

I want that book!

nice comments :D

I like the fact that you guys enjoy the new feature ^^

I want more posters! :D

slash is awesome!

GnR rules!

GnR forever!

GnR rocks! Rock n' roll never dies!


you recommend really cool items! keep it goin! we wanna see more

nice stuff! keep it up!


Good job guitar player!

awesome! :D

I see you listened to my idea ;) nice work

love it!

I wanna buy that T-shirt! :D

i want the cd! <3

i want the posters and the t-shirts

i want em all :D

I just noticed you added guitars! ^^

i wanna buy that epiphone :D

I hope you like the guitars :)

sweet ! :D

I want meh one of those gitahs :D

nice been looking for a tuner

wanted a tuner also :D nice

I wanna buy that case!



nice decision you made m8

i'm gonna buy some stuff from here



i want those posters m8!

i want the t-shirts :D

that cd is mine!

i want the posters and the cds and that epiphone :D



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