Chord of the day #1  

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The chord of the day is a minor chord. Basically, minor chords sound sad and major chords sound happy.

This is Em (E minor):

How to read the chord diagram:

Imagine you are holding the guitar from the neck, and the body is 90 degrees from the ground. The body is down. Look at the guitar that way and you will see it. The black dots are where to pur your fingers. The numbers under the chart represent the finger number (1,2,3,4 since the thumb is excluded) and the "0" symbol means that that certain string needs to vibrate so you don't have to touch it. When you see a "x" symbol, it means that the string needs to be muted. Gently put your finger on it, without pressin it to the fretboard so it's muted.

Have fun with this one (or cry, in this case). More chords to come.


sounds sad but it's cool



dude! so nice :D

nice. i like this chord!

nice! like it! :D

was thinking how i cn sdo this crd! tx m8.

this chord sux! makes me sad :((


nice chord dude.....

i'm important!   says June 11, 2009 at 10:45 AM

look! i'm commenting here! :D

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