The Parts Of The Guitar  

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I will give you an overview of the parts of the guitar. I will explain what every part does.
I will be giving as an example Electric Guitar parts, since it's more complex and has all the parts that the acoustic has anyway.

1) The headstock:

2) The guitar nut:

It's the white slim piece of white plastic at the beginning of the headstock.

3) The Machine Heads:

Used to tune the strings to their right pitch.

4) The Frets:

The frets are these little metalic pieces that help make out the fretboard.

5) The Neck & Fretboard:

It's the same picture that you can see a few lines up from here. The fretboard basically contains the notes that you play. The fretboard is placed on the neck of the guitar.

6) The Body:

I think this is self explanatory but here's a picture:

This is an unfinished guitar body.

7) The guitar pickups:

Here's how they work: When you pluck a string, the vibration is picked up by these pickups. They are basically magents. The signal from the pickup is sent through the guitar and into your amp. An acoustic guitar does not have pickups.

8) The electronics:

Those 4 little buttons. 2 control the volume and 2 control the tone. Some guitars only have 2 of them. One for volume and one for tone. If you are wondering how the tone ones need to be, just keep them maxed all the way to 10.

9) The pickguard:

What it basically does it this: Prevents your pick from scratching the surface of the guitar. Some guitars have one, some do not.

That's basically all you need to know about the guitar parts.

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