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You may be wondering right now why a I talking about your pose when you only learned like 3 chords. It's simple. Building your pose takes time. And it really helps you with your overall look. Let me give you 2 examples. Who would you rather look like?:

Some guy:




I would choose Slash. I'm not saying imitate him completely. I'm just saying take something from everyone. Look on a list of famous guitarists and check out how they stand, how they walk on stage, how low do they keep their guitar? It's easy to play your guitar if you keep it on your chest, but it sure doesn't look cool. Keep your guitar as low as possible. Some around the area under the belly-button. I'm not saying lower it until the point you can't play. Just lower it enough to look cool. Check yourself in the mirror while you do certain moves with the guitar while playing, check your facial expressions, etc.

What about facial expressions? Well, what about em. When you do bends for example, when doing a very long and soulful one, do what B.B. King does :P

I hope you learned something from this post. Good luck and cya next time!


slash is so cool!

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