The First Steps  

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Ok here are the things that you will need in order to start playing guitar:

1) An acoustic guitar or and electric guitar. I will explain the differences between the 2 in a later post. Here's how they would look:

2) A pick. If you play acoustic guitar, a pick could not be so important, since you would be doing some finger-style picking (I will explain this also in a later post).
You can buy a pick from your local music store for under 1$ and they look something like this:

3) Once you have your guitar and your pick, it's time to look for a tuner. You can find free virtual tuners on the internet, or you can buy one for around 10-20 $ at your local music shop. It looks something like this:

The way it works: If you look closely at a guitar, you will notice that it has 6 strings. They are called: E A D G B E from the thickest to the slimest. Sometimes, these strings go out of tune. This is where the tuner comes in. It tells you if a string is sharp (also referred to as "#") or flat (also referred to as "b"). You use the tuning knobs to adjust the string, until the tuner indicates that it is in tune.

4) A strap. A strap is usually a piece of leather that help you play the guitar while standing. It looks something like this:

5) Visiting this blog regularly. I will post here every few. I will start with the basics, the guitar parts, what styles can be played on a certain type of guitar, chords, I will teach you how to play popular songs, I will teach you advanced techniques so you can master the guitar as fast as humanly possible. From time to time I will throw in short tips, scales and little secrets.

Cya in the next post, where we will talk in depth about the parts of the guitar, how to position your hands when playing, how to hold the guitar and I will teach you your very first chord.


Dude, this is so cool info!

Nice m8! I will go to the storz 2day and buy some of the stuff i need.

just can't wait for some guitar playing tips man! :D

this sux

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